Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming Soon to NYC: Clean Feed Festival!

For my money, Clean Feed Records is one of the very best jazz labels in existence today (and, believe it or not, there are A LOT of jazz labels out there). When you buy a CD from them, you get the total package: great music from great musicians (be they veterans of a jazz scene in the US, Europe or Japan, or "up-and-comers" who might be getting a first chance at making a record, Clean Feed seems to have a sixth sense about picking out the music most deserving of documentation), beautifully-recorded sound, AND beautiful cover art & packaging (for a devotee of the album like myself, this last part matters too). The Clean Feed catalogue is large (especially considering that this independent jazz label began in 2001) and extremely diverse stylistically.

Of my own accord, I want to plug the label's upcoming showcase in New York City. You can find all the info here:


Folks who live in the NYC area and care about jazz: you WILL NOT be disappointed if you attend this. (I stand by this guarantee.)

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